This is not a lecture # 5  

On October 14, 2017 from 11 am to noon


A cultural outreach activity for teenagers (and those who are young at heart!).

In connection with the exhibition READING PATTERNS by Kim Kielhofner.

Immerse yourself in the fantastical universe of Kim Kielhofner! Meet an elusive cast of characters united in the winding story of a mysterious package. How can we understand these characters? Are they in fact a single person, split into multiple personas? Is it perhaps tempting to project ourselves onto this idea of inventing a life?  

Animated by Isabel Vitale, doctoral candidate in psychology at UQAM, the activity proposes art as a tool to explore current concerns of self-representation, the construction of a public image of oneself and the multiple networks that relay our personal stories.  

The activity is free and open to all! 
Breakfast on the house!


N.B. Kim Kielhofner's videos are in english but the activity will be animated in both french and english.


Kim Kielhofner

From September 6 to October 14, 2017