Session 12 | Renée Gagnon and Jocelyn Robert

On May 18, 2016 at 7 pm


Since 2014, Renée Gagnon and Jocelyn Robert have been working on a joint writing project, for which Rimbaud’s A Season in Hell (1873) has been both the catalyst and the key element. Each of them in turn erases, modifies, adds to and transforms the text. Here Gagnon and Robert are reborn out of Rimbaud, while the latter “is another”.(1) For this twelfth Session, Renée Gagnon and Jocelyn Robert present a performative reading of this new six-handed text, in which words, sounds and technologies join to form a new language.

(1) Rimbaud had written "I is another" in letters to Georges Izambard and Paul Demeny in May 1872.

Author and poet, Renée Gagnon holds a master’s degree in Literature from the Université du Québec à Montréal. She published two books at Le Quartanier : Des fois que je tombe (2005), for which she won the Emile-Nelligan prize, and Steve McQueen (mon amoureux) (2007). She has contributed to several literary journals and has participated in many festivals and events, including the recent show Images invisibles presented at the centre international de poésie Marseille.

Based in Quebec city, the multidisciplinary artist Jocelyn Robert works in audio art, computer art, performance, installation, video and writing. After initially studying architecture, he completed in 2003 an MFA at Stanford University (California). His work—visual, audio and text—enjoys international recognition. He is one of the founders of the sound and electronic arts centre Avatar and is currently director of the School of Visual and Media Arts at the Université Laval.

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