Discussion: Myriam Yates and Dustin Valen

Modernism and Architecture in Newfoundland

On February 22, 2018 at 6 pm

The discussion will be followed by the opening of Spécial Video Pool Special: What's Wrong With Romance? at 7 pm.

In the context of her exhibition Gander Islands, artist Myriam Yates will present her work in the company of architect Dustin Valen, whose research explores how architecture and design have been used to communicate different notions of modernity in Newfoundland throughout the twentieth century. Expanding upon themes inherent to Gander Islands — public space, isolation, utopian design — the discussion will investigate how modern architecture has long served as a political act in its own right.


Myriam Yates — Gander Islands

From January 11 to March, 10, 2018

Dazibao thanks Myriam Yates and Dustin Valen for their generous collaboration and its members for their support.

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