© Adam Kinner & Christopher Willes.

Music residency II


Adam Kinner and Christopher Willes

On June 15, 2019 at 3 pm 


Adam Kinner and Christopher Willes will be creating events that rethink listening as an embodied encounter with the exhibition. For their first event in December, they proposed a series of scores as physical trajectories, exercises, movements, and sound environments within the exhibition space using binaural audio recordings.

This second event conceives of the score as a series of mobile objects that are materially tied to the production of sound. Reflecting on the history of audio recording and the way that materials can pose their own listening environments, the artists propose a participatory activity wherein a collection of objects are passed from the hands of one person to the next creating a sonic choreography within the group. As the objects make their way through the group, questions about the relationship between agency and repetition coalesce. When sounds are repeated endlessly and mechanically, what agency do we have as sound makers and as listeners?

Adam and Christopher have been collaborating since 2013. Their projects generally work across music, choreography, print, and performance practices. In 2015 they created Listening Choir, a project that takes audiences on intensive sound/listening walks in urban spaces undergoing rapid change. Listening Choir has been performed since then in Calgary, Kitchener, Toronto and Birmingham (UK).

Dazibao thanks the artists for their generous collaboration and its members for their support.

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