Interview with Alvin Lucier by jake moore

On June 7, 2015 at 2 pm

In the context of Suoni Per Il Popolo


Alvin Lucier is a leading American composer of experimental music and sound installations. He was a member of the influential Sonic Arts Union, which also included Robert Ashley, David Behrman and Gordon Mumma.

jake moore is an intermedia artist, author, educator, and exhibition maker. Originally from Winnipeg, she has exhibited nationally, held academic teaching positions in Montreal and Newfoundland, and served five years as Director of the FOFA Gallery at Concordia University where she continues to teach. She works with any medium necessary to produce intricate yet
minimal site installation with a particular fascination for the material nature of media and the communicative potential of material. With a sensibility and fortitude born in early punk rock, she has continued to investigate the sonorous in all its operations. She considers her primary medium to be space and its occupation.


Dazibao thanks the Alvin Lucier, jake moore and Suoni Per Il Popolo for their generous collaboration and its members for their support.

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