Art with the family

Children, their voices, and climate  

On December 7, from 11 am to noon

Bring the kids to a screening and activity introducing contemporary art in relation to the theme of the environment! In the presented films, artist Mikhail Karikis collaborates with children using video and sound creation to unite their voices concerning environmental changes.

Art and Family is a free event and open to all, aiming to present an excerpt of the current exhibition to a young public. Speaking as much to neophytes as to initiates, this dynamic activity offers an accessible introduction to contemporary art.

The video has few dialogues. One is subtitled in French and the other is translated for the public. The activity will take place in French but English questions are welcome!

Exhibition Mikhail Karikis

From November 8 to December 21, 2019


This is not a lecture # 7

Teens and climate action

On November 23 from 11 am to noon