Three Sounds (digital version)


Three Sounds (digital version)


Three Sounds is part of Black Seas, a larger body of sound, moving image, installation, performance works which began in 2015. Black Seas is a project about listening to noise through desire, agency and encounter.

Anchored in historical and contemporary experiences of auditory hallucination, Three Sounds is inspired by the breadth and depth of this sound world in both pathological and non-pathological instances and the continuum between these two extremes. The project is influenced by multiple sources from literature to film, visual art, music, sound and media art as well as cognitive science, psychiatry, anthropology, religious studies, philosophy and shared stories.

Three Sounds revolves around three non-linear video and sound stories: Noise, Voices and Music. The three stories unfold through three images, one after the other, supported by details that form reminiscent links between them.

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Artist: Steve Bates

Authors: François J. Bonnet, Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt

Design: Studio TagTeam

Digital version: Tatiana Matsoulevitch

Under the direction of France Choinière


Bilingue, 62 pages, colour reproductions, perfect binding

ISBN 978-2-922-135-5-34


Three Sounds

From April 18 to June 15, 2019


Printed version

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