Call for event-based projects

Deadline: October 10, 2019

Dazibao is seeking event-based projects that devise active modes for knowledge sharing to open up space for new perspectives on contemporary image culture. The proposed projects would cultivate exchange and may address a wide range of subjects somehow linked to questions regarding the production, history, politics or impact of images. Projects might be punctual or develop over time or might also happen online.

This call is open to practitioners, researchers, writers, thinkers and doers from all fields, as well as to artists!

Projects might include

— Special events

— Collaborative initiatives

— Forums

— Interviews

— Performances

— Concerts

— Guided tours

— Workshops

— Something that we haven’t thought of yet!

Only proposals submitted via the online form will be considered. Results are communicated within six months.


An advisory programming committee contributes to the development of Dazibao’s programming.

Dazibao invites submissions from emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Dazibao encourages diversity and inclusivity, and invites submissions from artists self-identifying as members of a minority.

Dazibao’s artist fees are based on CARFAC standards.