Positions to fill


— New members of the Board of Directors

Dazibao is currently seeking dynamic and committed individuals to join its Board of Directors. 

The Board of Directors of Dazibao consists of seven members whose term is a two-year period, as well as the Director of the centre who is a non-voting member. 

Qualities sought, in addition to rigor and dedication, as well as the willingness and availability to offer one’s time as volunteer work: 

- To possess a thorough knowledge of current image-based practices
- To possess experience in fundraising and philanthropy
- To possess experience in governance and strategic planning

Responsibilities of the members of the Board of Directors: 

- Ensure the good governance of the organisation as well as the fulfillment of the mandate of Dazibao
- Ensure the implementation and application of the centre’s policies and develop new ones when deemed necessary
- Involve oneself in the search for new sources of funding
- Approve the budgets and objectives of the centre as well as the various projects developed by the organisation
- Support the Director in reaching the centre’s goals
- Support and endorse the decisions taken by the Board
- Ensure the respect and compliance of the organisation’s code of ethics

Duties of the Board of Directors:

- Assist to about six meetings per year
- Participate in the organisation of, and attend the annual general assemblies
- Be present during the activities of Dazibao
- Be prepared in advance for the meetings by reading the documents provided
- Maintain good communication with the Director and the staff of the centre
- Offer support to the development, organisation and implementation of programming, activities, fundraising campaigns
- Promote the centre and its activities through one’s networks
- Offer a punctual assistance to the staff according to one’s skills

To apply, please send your resume and a letter of intent by email to info@dazibao.art by 15 October 2017. Only candidates selected by the current Board of Directors to ensure its continuation will be contacted.