A travelling exhibit activity offered free of charge to primary and high schools, cegeps and libraries.


In an age when images have become one of the primary means for disseminating knowledge and ideas, it seems essential that we train our eye to read them. The portable exhibition is an opportunity to discover contemporary practices in video art and to think about the questions it raises through works from the project Home Sweet Home. À propos de l’inquiétude, presented a short time ago at Dazibao.

The goal of this activity is to develop viewers’ skills in interpreting images and to lead them to ask questions about images. The facilitator projects artworks in class and adapts the discussion to the age of the participants. Rather than being a didactic workshop on contemporary art, the portable exhibition encourages an intuitive approach in which everyone can express their views and there is no such thing as a bad question!

No equipment or material is required on the part of the school. Depending on the age of the participants and the time available for the presentation, a selection of artworks will be made from among the following: 


The works

• Juan Betancurth, Limpia (2012) | A video self-portrait in which a domestic object becomes an extension of the body and, at the same time, an instrument of power.

• Johanna Billing, Where She Is At (2001) | One splendid day, a young woman climbs to the top of a jump tower but hesitates to make the leap. 

• Joseph Ismail, Beyond the Pleasure Principle / High Wire (2010) | The artist balances nonchalantly in his chair, his repetitive and unstable movements seeking an unattainable point of equilibrium. 

• Patrick Jolley & Reynold Reynolds, The Drowning Room (2000) | In a seemingly normal house, although it is submerged in water, people go about their daily business in a suffocating and darker and darker atmosphere. 

• Søren Lose, Home Video (2006) | An unaffected visit to a house slated for demolition whose mysterious inhabitant appears never to have thrown anything out. 

• Paulette Phillips, The Floating House (2002) | An old house on the water drifts for a long time before cleaving in two and sinking to the bottom of the sea. 

• Jon Sasaki, The Destination and the Journey (2007) | A video portrait of the artist driving his car while he carefully consults a road map spread out in front of the windshield. 

The portable exhibition is available all year. Contact our outreach coordinator to reserve the activity.

Past portable exhibitions presented the works by :

Bas Jan Ader, Olivia Boudreau, Romeo Gongora, Philippe Hamelin, Manon Labrecque, Sylvie Laliberté, Mathieu Latulippe, Daniel Olson, Nicolas Renaud, David Tomas et Karen Zalamea.


This project supported by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications and of the Ville de Montréal within the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal.