Production-dissemination residency

Deadline: 1 May

Dazibao and PRIM, in a joint collaboration, are excited to offer a unique residency for an artist to produce and exhibit a project. The chosen proposal will consider the specific mandates of both organizations and consequently, will raise issues pertinent to image making while challenging its relationship to sound, video and digital media.

The selected artist will have one year to complete his/her project. The equivalent of up to $12,000 in filming equipment and HD video and audio post-production (editing rooms AVID, Da Vinci and sound mixing studio Pro Tools HDX), based on PRIM’s current non-member rates. The technician fees are not included in the residency.

PRIM will offer the artist up to $1,000 in video and/or audio training (non transferable, no cash value). For artists living abroad, Dazibao will be offering financial assistance of $2,000 in lieu of living expenses.

The project will then be presented at Dazibao during its 2018-2019 programming year and will benefit from the promotional and technical support applicable to the centre’s regular programming.

○ The recipient will have to become member of PRIM and undertakes to abide by the centre’s access policies.
○ The project will have to be completed within the year following the signature of the contract.

○ The overall innovation of the project
○ The project’s pertinence to contemporary art practices
○ The synthesis between the proposed content and technology

Only proposals submitted via an online form will be considered.
(Please download the Excel file, you will have to fill it and upload it in the online form.)

The form will be available online on 1 April 2018.

Results are communicated within three months following the deadline.

* Maryse Goudreau is the recipient of the twelfth production-dissemination residency PRIM-Dazibao. Her work will be presented at Dazibao during the winter of 2018.